Individual Therapy

Foundations Counseling specializes in counseling adults who come with a variety of issues, including depression, anxiety, grief, stress, spiritual issues and life transitions. Your therapy will be tailored to fit your needs, and specific goals will be made through a collaborative approach with your therapist.

*Adolescents will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. After an initial parent consultation and session with the adolescent, a determination will be made if it is a good “fit,” and if not, a referral will be made.

Couples Therapy

Foundations Counseling sees couples (marital, pre-marital, same-sex couples) who want to work on the challenges in their relationship. Whether you are navigating the early stages of your relationship or you have been together for years; whether your are wanting to strengthen a strong foundation or you are trying to figure out if the relationship should continue, therapy can be very beneficial. You will learn how to better communicate with and listen to your partner, and you will develop more clarity in your goals of the relationship.

Group Therapy

Group therapy can be a powerful way to learn from others and to realize that you are not alone in your struggles. Foundations Counseling offers short-term, topical group therapy to better learn skills that can help you manage your life. Ask your clinician when the next round of group therapy will begin.


Meredith has been supervising clinicians for several years. She had wonderful supervision herself when she was navigating the process of graduate school and residency and loves the idea of giving back in this way. She has a passion for teaching and helping her supervisees gain greater insight into the art of therapy. If you are interested in speaking with Meredith about supervision, contact her by phone or email.



Bipolar Disorder

Stress Management

Grief and Loss

Divorce Recovery

Relationship Issues


Spiritual Issues