Individual Counseling

Personal therapy is a time to meet one-on-one with your therapist for support,
guidance and tools to help you better manage your life.


Conquer Depression

Depression can feel daunting and overwhelming. Talk through your problems, learn some skills and gain hope that you can conquer depression.


Marital Counseling

Couples meet together with their therapist to learn how to better listen, understand and
communicate with their partner.


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Welcome to Foundations Counseling!

Foundations Counseling offers outpatient therapy services for adolescents, adults, couples and families who are facing life transitions and are seeking balance in their lives. Whether you have struggled with depression or anxiety for years, or you are currently experiencing uncomfortable symptoms for the first time in your life, counseling may be beneficial for you.

Especially if this is your first time seeking counseling, it is completely understandable for you to experience some worry about this process. Please know that it takes a great deal of strength and courage to recognize when you need to seek professional help and to follow through on this endeavor!

Foundations Counseling specializes in individual counseling for issues such as depression, anxiety, stress, Bipolar disorder, trauma, grief, stage of life and spiritual issues. Foundations also offers pre-marital, marital counseling and couples counseling to help in all stages of your relationship.

Foundations Counseling provides understanding, care, support and tools for you in a non-judgmental atmosphere. Therapy goals are tailored to fit your individual needs, but the overarching goals of therapy are to help you better tolerate distress, experience your emotions without feeling overwhelmed by them, and create more balance and respect in your relationships. How would you like to improve your life?

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Do you feel down, irritable, sad, or just blah? Do you struggle to focus or find anything meaningful? Are you sleeping too much or too little? All of these are symptoms of depression. Counseling can help by talking through these issues and finding ways to regain hope.


Are you worried, stressed, or irritable for “no good reason?” Do you lay awake at night because your mind won’t shut off? Do you feel overwhelmed, feel your heart pounding or does something minor cause a meltdown? You could be experiencing anxiety. Counseling can provide you with coping skills to help.

Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar Disorder is often misunderstood. Essentially it means you will have periods of significant depression interrupted by briefer periods of mania, where you feel “high,” euphoric or sometimes extremely angry. Bipolar Disorder can be managed with medicine, and it is also very helpful to talk to someone who is unbiased and nonjudgmental and learn some coping skills through therapy.

Stress Management

Life is stressful! Job, relationships, kids, demands from all over the place…sometimes you just need a breather. Counseling can help give you tools to relax and find ways to better balance your busy lifestyle.

Grief and Loss

It is always difficult to lose someone close to you, or to experience change of any kind. People often ask what’s the “normal” way to grieve and when they can expect to be “over it.” Unfortunately, it’s not that simple. There isn’t a formula to follow and everyone grieves differently.

Relationship Issues

Relationships are hard. Counseling can help by meeting with a neutral party, learning better communication skills and trying to understand your partner better. Foundations Counseling sees couples of all gender makeups and whether you’ve been together four weeks or forty years.

Adolescent Therapy 

Are you a teen struggling with life’s issues? Being a teenager can be very hard, and sometimes it can be good to talk with an objective and nonjudgmental adult about whatever might be bothering you—stress, self-esteem, social anxiety, depression, self-harm, etc. Therapy can give you a place to vent and empower you with tools to help you grow in a positive way.

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