Paul Fowler, LMSW

Supervised by Sarah Glenney, LCSW-S

Paul Fowler has thirty years combined experience as an educator, social worker, art teacher and artist. His professional career spans from New Orleans to Texas, with time spent in Haiti working with children after the earthquake.

As a social worker, Paul has worked in hospital settings, with the homeless, in a substance abuse halfway house, in crisis intervention, and outpatient psychotherapy.

At his core, Paul’s deepest heart’s desire was always to help others with their own lives.  For him, this means creating a safe, inclusive space for clients to feel comfortable and express themselves, build self-confidence, and find their own path. Paul is warm, welcoming, non-judgmental, hopeful, and caring. His intuition and insight helps clients find healing and wholeness.

In his free time, Paul enjoys spending time in nature, meditation, yoga, walking, reading, music, gardening, and making art.


    • BA, Literature, Southern Methodist University
    • Master of Social Work, Tulane University