Jessica Pirzadeh, LPC-S
Staff Therapist and Director of Client Experience

“Just because you aren’t making progress as fast as you think you should doesn’t mean you aren’t making progress.” -Unknown

Jessica Pirzadeh is a Licensed Professional Counselor Supervisor with a passion for offering support to individuals of all ages. She believes that our past experiences shape how we think about things as adults and if we heal old wounds, we improve our chances to feel more successful in all areas of life. Jessica regards the ability to learn as a necessary tool for all individuals to maintain throughout life; whether you are a student in school or the CEO of a global corporation, it is essential to continue learning about yourself. When we have a solid understanding of why we think, act, and feel the way we do, then we set ourselves up to improve our relationships, especially the one with ourselves.

Jessica has 6 years of clinical experience working with different populations at a given time. While she started out as a play therapist for children, she became more involved in helping adolescents and adults in individual, couples, family, and group settings. She also has served as the clinical manager for a behavioral health partial hospitalization program that treats adults with depression, anxiety, bipolar episodes, psychosis, post-traumatic stress, and chemical dependency. Working in the hospital setting has helped shape Jessica’s skills as a professional counselor to be what they are today. She describes her therapeutic style as genuine and supportive while also being direct in facilitating change and growth within each individual’s life. Some of her preferred techniques derive from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), motivational interviewing, and self-compassion.

Jessica hopes to help her clients achieve true self-awareness so they can feel happy and whole while maximizing their full potential.

In addition to seeing clients, Jessica is also the Director of Client Experience at Foundations Counseling. In this role, Jessica is responsible for developing and implementing strategies, programs, and initiatives to ensure that our clients receive the highest level of care and satisfaction throughout their treatment at Foundations Counseling. Jessica works closely with the clinical team and administrative staff to ensure that the client experience is exceptional, from the moment of initial client contact through treatment completion and beyond.


    • BS Psychology, The University of Texas at Dallas
    • BA Child Learning and Development, The University of Texas at Dallas
    • MS Counseling and Development, Texas Woman’s University