Managing Anxiety in Uncertain Times

We often feel anxious when events feel out of our control when we think we don’t have the capacity, skills or ability to cope. Anxiety tricks us into thinking about the worst-case scenarios in vivid and frightening detail. Instead of worrying, try your best to focus on what’s under your control. Equip yourself with the facts about COVID-19 from trusted sources. Over recent months, we have been helping clients learn how to manage anxiety, stress, and expectations.

Uncertainty at work. The health of those we love. Schooling from home! Everyone is managing a lot more stress while we stay home and work to “flatten the curve.” Join Foundations Counseling for free webinar workshops led by one of our Licensed Professional Counselors. In our series of workshops, we will explore clinically proven exercises and strategies to manage stress and anxiety. You don’t have to feel helpless.

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