Many people come in to individual therapy for the first time with a host of assumptions about the process and many times, fear. This applies especially for those who may have very negative ideas attached to what it means to go to a therapist.

At Foundations Counseling, we go beyond making you feel comfortable with expectations and make the experience comforting. Some of the basic steps you will encounter with our team are the following:

  • Intake and Consent for Treatment:You’ll fill out these forms ahead of session by either downloading them from our website or filling them out in the waiting room. Our standard office procedure asks for information about you and requires to sign your consent to engage in the therapeutic relationship. Fees, billing, attendance, insurance, and office polices are also explained in person.


  • Assessment:If you’re in our office for individual therapy,then there is likely something in your life that’s not working for you and you’ve not been successful at figuring it out.  Our team will want to hear from you, in your own words and in person, about how you define the problem at hand. What are you looking for help with? If there are uncomfortable symptoms associated, we may want to assess the level of severity as well as know about your support system, your coping skills, and more all in a confidential setting. At varying points, wemay talk a little more about how we work as it applies to your issue, give you a chance to ask us questions, and determine the next steps.


  • Your Story:We definitely will ask you to tell us your story as how you think it might relate to your current problem.  We will inquire about your family of origin, important interpersonal relationships, childhood and other questions as we look for potential sources of the problem and solutions. Most likely, we willnot be able to get to your entire story in one session, but we can begin to look at it. Understanding that your story is a process which unfolds before us together is also important to remember.


  • Tailormade Approaches: Unique to our groups of counselors is that we approach the relationship in a personalized manner. We listen, learn, and begin to understand your story. We assess and try to customize approaches for Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT), person-centered, trauma-informed and more.


  • Summary:In the last few minutes of our therapy session, we try to wrap things up by summarizing what information has been revealed. We will discuss specific goals you have for therapy. We will probably ask how you’re feeling after the session and offer you additional opportunities to ask questions. If it feels like there is a good therapist-client fit, then we’ll move on together. The key to a successful relationship is trust.

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At Foundations Counseling, we seek to help our clients with all kinds of presenting issues including depression, anxiety, grief, bipolar disorders, stress, stage of life, spiritual issues and many more—some of which you may not be fully aware of at the beginning.

Our core values dictate that we work with you in a warm, strictly confidential, meaningful and trustworthy way as we journey down a new road together.

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