Like marriage, divorce is one of life’s toughest transitions. The overwhelming amount of legal, emotional and nitty-gritty issues that need to be addressed can be enormous. The idea of creating an entirely new life for yourself and any children involved can feel incapacitating.

Pre-Divorce Counseling

Pre-divorce involves acounselor’s intervention prior to the divorce proceedings. A therapist can assist both parties in learning to communicate effectively and appropriately during the process. Or, an individual if the partner is not open to counseling. If children are involved, a civil and healthy divorce is imperative.

Pre-divorce counseling can assist couples in parenting issues related to the divorce and provide a safe environment for telling children about the impending process.

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Durational Divorce Counseling

Counseling throughout the divorce process will help you understand the stages of loss and grief and how to move through the continuum. Therapy will also teach you the necessary coping skills to deal with the emotional pain of divorce and prepare you, in advance.

The benefits of durational divorce counseling provide a forum for the entire family to receive counseling and support in a safe environment during the process. Therapy will help to understand the reasons the relationship failed and prevent future relationship problems.

Post-Divorce Counseling

Divorce counseling is for those who signed their papers and now have to go back to their normal life and their routine daily activities. It is helpful especially if children are involved because they are always the most hurt throughout the process and afterward. Happy parents mean happy children, and happy children mean healthy growth and good future, which is something all parents want for their kids.

Though common, divorce can cause a lot of stress — not only because of the emotional, mental, legal, and financial factors that you need to consider, but also because your life is bound to change dramatically once the divorce proceedings are over. There are plenty of considerations that have to be thought of and addressed, and many individuals fail to grasp the enormity and gravity of the situation after they have made the decision.

Adjusting to a New Reality

There are plenty of talking points Foundations Counseling offers as part of our divorce services including the logistical aspects of the process, but also in the more personal, psychological aspects. We help you recognize what initially led to the divorce so those behaviors aren’t repeated in future relationships.

Most people fail to realize that divorce can look like a grief response or even a trauma with common symptoms attached to their pain including depression, anger, and anxiety. One of the first things that your Foundations Counselor will assist the individual with is the grieving process.

A divorce is essentially a loss, since nobody starts a relationship, especially a marriage, with his or her mind set on separation. You might feel a lot of sadness and regret before and after the divorce, and a counselor can help in processing these negative feelings and turning them into more positive ones.

If you are experiencing a divorce and need assistance in coping with the situation, or for grief and loss in a post-divorce, please contact Foundations Counseling today.

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