Most couples arrive in our offices with major conflicts after being in a relationship for a short time, years or even decades. What once had been a loving relationship is now characterized by irreconcilable differences in their beliefs about financial decisions, physical intimacy, contacts with relatives, and even how to load the dishwasher. Change will take time.

Realistic expectations start with effective communication. This is where Foundation Counseling’s expertise comes in as one of the most prominent groups of counselors in the state of Texas. We also focus on the importance of starting therapy before the relationship crosses a bridge too far. In other words, we help couples with preventative counseling as well.

Couples tend to believe that the therapist’s job is to “fix” their partner. Many couples are skeptical about whether therapy will work. In the first session, each needs to understand that they are both good people.However, their patterns of communication have created daily distancing habits, isolating the other person to some degree.

When participating in Couples Therapy at Foundations Counseling, our goals for you as a couple are numerous. Our primary goal is to teach a method of communicating that allows couples to resolve their own issues during and after therapy.

The couples therapy process requires us to work on the following:

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  • Provide the couple with an understanding of the goals of therapy.


  • Develop trust with the therapist without alienating the other member of the couple.


  • Provide boundaries of therapy so each of you will feel safe to express his or her point of view in a way the other can hear and understand.


  • Teach clients to listen, validate, and provide empathy to your partner.

Our overarching goal when working with a couple is to helpset the stage for a conscious relationship. This allows each partner to understand how he or she is contributing to the conflicts and how using a different communication style can lead to the joyful and harmonious relationship you both truly deserve.

Foundations Counseling are experts working with all types of couples regardless of age, co-habitation, premarital, marital, and same-sex couples. If you are beginning to or already at the point where you are experiencing frustration or a lack of communication in your relationship, we highly encourage you to contact us today.

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