When children reach adolescence, relationships can cause strife. Relationships between peers and parents are crucial to healthy development. There are times in which these relationships become strained by the changes that come with adolescence.

Some teenagers become overly stressed by worrying about school, friendships, relationships, their future and things may feel like they are out of their control. Foundations Counseling works with adolescents and teenagers suffering with anxiety, depression, self-esteem issues,a lack of confidence, bullying, trauma, self-harm, social skills, substance abuse and thoughts of suicide

Working with teens has its own unique set of challenges and oftentimes as providers we’re relegated to positions of listener, mentor, and guide, regardless of whether or not we’re actual therapists or counselors. At Foundations Counseling, your teen will find a safe place to speak openly about what issues they may be experiencing in a completely confidential environment.

Therefore, throughout adolescent therapy, we firmly believe that it is imperative for both parents and the teenager to be proactively involved, together.Oftentimes, both need to understand the importance of learning skills now while an adolescent’s brain is still in the final stages of development.

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The counseling plans for adolescents are designed individually and tailormade based on their goals and the learning style which suits them best. From Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to traditional talk therapy or even expressive arts therapy and sand tray therapy, Foundations Counseling will adapt to the needs of your teen.

As parents, you will feel rest assured and garner confidence that your teen truly is in the best of hands at Foundations Counseling.

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